What's the relationship of Atom to GitHub and Git?


I’m really surprised to see an editor from GitHub not able to be super-tightly integrated with both git and GitHub. What’s the vision for workflow from Atom to GitHub by way of Git? Thinking about features like [GitGutter] (https://github.com/jisaacks/GitGutter) or Tower.

Git Diff more visible

Update: I’m seeing more of it now. The files that are in .gitignore are greyed out. The files and directories that have changed are highlighted (orange in my theme). Untracked files are also highlighted differently (green in my theme). I’m also seeing the GitGutter style changes in the gutter of the editor window. Nice!

Ooh, now, I see the little +/- lines in the bottom right, as well as which branch I’m on. Woot!

Also, what relationship will GitHub for Mac have with Atom?


I can’t give you a link to it since I don’t remember where it was, but I saw a post from a Githubber here who said that they don’t plan to add tight Git/Github integration into the editor (not more than there already is) and that there are already the two Github apps that people can use for that (for Mac and Windows) but people are free to write a package for that of course :slight_smile:

No idea why they don’t want to do it, I think it would make a lot of sense from a business standpoint, but I could also be completely wrong. It’s possible that people are more likely to use the editor when Git/Github is completely optional.


One necro note here.

It is impossible to publish a package for Atom without using GitHub, So there is a technical tie-in. This may persuade some of the 9% of developers who aren’t on GitHub to jump over. I don’t know if this tie-in was a business decision or whether it was technical.


Another auxiliary tie-in is the fact that all issue reporting and tracking happens via the Github repos and atom.io docs and package descriptions (as well as package links from atom.io and within the Settings View) are all generated from and to the repos.

I think it’s mostly a business decision, as in having Atom as a vehicle for Github. They are a for-profit company after all, so improving and extending the customer base by providing useful tools that integrate tightly with Github is the logical thing to do.

But at the same time it also makes a whole lot of sense practically, given that it makes collaboration and package publishing a lot easier for the core team as well as package authors, allowing them to not only get the open source community’s help to mature the product, but also to help spread the word about everything they do… Git, Github, atom-shell, open source. They would have been stupid to decouple this thing from Github.


9%? Is that a joke or actual stat?


I don’t remember. It sounds like a made-up number.


Well, the git-control panel help a lot, you can select the files you want to commit, write your commit message, push, pull, etc.
It is basically the same than the git extension for Aptana or Eclipse