What's the Purpose of 'Git Packages' in Settings Tab?


I have never seen any package card appear in the category Git Packages :

What’s the purpose of it? Any kinds of package fall into this category?


Settings view allows installation of packages by specifying the repository. For example, instead of searching for “file-icons”, you could instead insert file-icons/atom into the Install box.

Git packages differ from normal packages in one major way: instead of updating by version (eg 2.0.8 -> 2.0.9), git packages update by SHA. This can be useful for in-development packages where you don’t want to bump the version just yet but still would like people to easily test out changes, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for normal packages.


@Wliu thank you for the explanation :thumbsup:

That’s really a nice tool for package development and testing.


I sometimes make custom language packages for people, and I don’t want to be responsible for maintaining an entry in the package database for something that will be used by one person, so the repository installation is useful for me to share the finished result.