What's the future of this forum since Atom is now FOSS?


Hello Atom users,

Since Atom is now open source, I was asking myself what this forum’s purpose will be.

Most of the topics here are categorized under Support and Features, but now we have access to the core issues and I believe that it will be better for everyone if we keep things in one place. And even though I love Discuss, I think the best place for support and features requests is GitHub.

What do you think?


Perhaps the GitHub folks have ideas that they’d like to chime in with, but my personal ideas include:

  • Got a question or a feature but don’t know which package is the one that is most applicable? Post it here.
  • Got an idea for a feature, but it isn’t well fleshed out yet? Discuss it here.
  • Want to discuss things that are a little more pie-in-the-sky or programmer-editor-theory-ish? (Such as my Better Syntax Highlighting topic.) Talk to other people passionate about their editors here.
  • etc

I’ll probably think of more … but I think that GitHub Issues is more for discussing specifics and Discuss is more for opinions or things that haven’t been nailed down into specifics yet. I recently watched a presentation that @codinghorror gave that covered in great detail the philosophical differences between StackExchange and Discourse. It boils down to StackExchange is about facts and Discourse is about opinions. I see the dividing line between GitHub Issues and Discuss to be something similar. (If you can give us a link, @codinghorror, I’d appreciate it.)


Sure that is a good description! Anything that needs a lot of back and forth discussion is going to work better in Discourse.

Here is the talk you referred to:

58 minute talk, slides plus pro video/audio.


This almost makes me just wonder what the possibilities for integrating specific Github things to Discourse. I imagine comments/general discussion on wiki’s, maybe integration with issues in some fashion?