What's the different between win64 and win32 Electron App?


We realize that win64 app cannot run on a win32 machine, but win32 app can run on a 64 machine.

Our concern is that releasing two app makes it difficult for user to choose, because most of user dosen’t know their windows version.

So, we are thinking about why not just release the win32 version? But we don’t know the potential loses by doing this.

Can you tell the difference between realeasing two version and realeasing only win32 version? What’s the pros and cons?

Thank you.


The benefits to a 64-bit application are mostly related to having more memory available. As time marches on though, I feel that the 3GB limit for 32-bit applications is going to be more and more restrictive, especially for Electron-based applications since they have a little more overhead than native applications for the Chromium rendering engine, etc.

I heard reports from someone that what they do is they built their installer to detect whether the user is running 32-bit or 64-bit and it installs the appropriate version. This way, while you do need to build two versions, you only publish one installer for the end-user to download.

I hope that helps!


Thank you very much. It indeed helps us