What's the difference between theme and package?


Hi people. Can someone tell me what’s the difference between theme and package ?


Themes are simply changing the design of the editor with css.
There are two types of themes.

The syntax-theme changes the look of the are where you are writing your code.

The ui-themes are changing the look of everything else of the editor like the tree-view, backround and tabs.
Packages are written in Javascript like the editor itself. They are working like plugins in a browser.
They are also using some css. For excample the are packages like a clock or shortcuts for shell command execution of files and much more.

You can create your own packages and themes and publishing them on this page.


Do the themes affect the syntax coloring or only the packages do this ?


Syntax themes affect syntax coloring. However, there’s nothing preventing a general purpose package from targeting the same CSS selectors.