What's the best workflow for "sharing" private packages?


I’m working on a package that I don’t want to share publicly, but I do want to share with a number of testers. What’s the best workflow for doing this?

In particular I’m looking to make it easy for my testers to get updated versions of my package. Right now I have them:

  1. Uninstall old version of package.
  2. Go into new version of package with Terminal.app and
    • apm install
    • apm link

It’s a big pain. I’m sure there must be some smarter way?



Install just does an npm install. You don’t need theapm link if you put the package directly in ~/.atom/packages.

So do rhe install on your machine, zip up the folder, and voila! They just unzip into their packages folder. easy peasy.

Make sure the folder name matches the package name.