What's the best spell-check package for Atom?


Typos are a bane (these are mostly in HTML docs). I can’t get the built-in spell-check package to work. Can’t get linter-spell to install. Red-wavy-line used to be great, but stopped working for me many versions ago.

Any suggestions appreciated!


Goodness the issues keep coming with Atom…


I’m very pleased with Atom on the whole. Tried VS Studio for a bit just to see. It does actually have a much better spell-checking package…but taken as whole, I happily came back to Atom after a couple of weeks.


Welcome to open-source. :slight_smile:

Those are three separate avenues of investigation that someone could potentially help you with, but anyone who tries will need significantly more information about what you’ve tried to get the packages to work, what error message(s) you get, what operating system you’re on, and so forth.

I have changed nothing in spell-check's settings and nor have I ever attempted to get it to work, and I just enabled it (I keep it off so that it doesn’t give me a bunch of red lines on nonstandard words and names) and it worked immediately. If it doesn’t function for you, there’s a reason for that. If we can find the reason, we can probably fix it. All I can say right now is, “Works for me,” which isn’t helpful, but the person who has to kick-start the investigation is the person with physical access to the problematic computer.


Did you see my comment on the issue you noted this on? There is a known bug with the package on Atom Beta, so which you are using of Stable / Beta is important.


I was working on beta – let me try on the stable release -thanks.