What's linter package same as linter of webstorm for atom?


Hi, guys! Please help me, what package linter same as linter of webstorm for atom? Thank so much!


Which language?

There are a number of linters available, sometimes more than one per language.
The Linter package for Atom is just a service provider, you will then also need to install the specific language’s linter package, for example linter-jshint, which seems to be the most popular for javascript.


I’m coding AngularJS. I installed a few package but not same linter of webstorm. I want to find a package linter same webstorm.


Well then find out which linter Webstorm is using, and then look for it in atom.io/packages.

According to this help page, Webstorm can use pretty much any linter for Javascript:

JSHint and JSLint are both bundled with Webstorm, so check which one you are using and then find the same linter for Atom.

For example:

  1. Install Linter
  2. Install Linter-JSHint
  3. Enjoy.


Thank you so much!