What would cause electron to cancel a request?


Using ReactJS, Webpacks and Electron to create a desktop application. When I compile webpacks and then spin up the Electron wrapper, I am able to login and view the data on the initial component that is mounted after login.

However, when I switch components, (which sends a request for data inside ComponentWillMount() ). Developer Console reports that those requests have been canceled.

This error does not occur if I run webpack-dev-server and go to localhost in the browser. So I’m speculating that this is possibly an issue on Electron’s side.

It’s also may be worth noting that I am using a unsigned certificate (for testing purposes) and inside the Electron JS file, I am using the following function:

app.on('certificate-error', (event, webContents, url, error, certificate, callback) => {
if (url === 'https://34.xx.xx.xx:5000/login') {
    // Verification logic.
} else {

so that I can avoid an insecure_response error.

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