What would be involved in bringing paredit to Atom?


If one were to write a paredit package for Atom, are there any pre-existing libraries that might help with the actual paredit logic (and just need to be wired up to Atom)? I guess I’m asking if Atom is similar enough to something like CodeMirror that any work could be re-used for this.

Paredit is a must-have for Lisps, but it is a non-trivial addition to any editor. I’m not sure I’m up to writing it from scratch, but I could potentially integrate a library that provides it.


I am interested in this.

It’s really hard to adjust to a world without barfing and slurping.


There’s this: https://github.com/MarcoPolo/atom-paredit

…but it seems to have stalled out and I don’t think it’s compatible with the latest Atom releases.


Sorry for reviving this really old topic, but as I’m getting more into Atom, I wouldn’t mind Paredit being available for it and the current implementation is outdated.

But today I stumbled upon this, which seems to be actively maintained:

Seems like it would be a good basis to build on.