What syntax highlighting is this?



This is on the homepage


It’s an experimental version of One Dark Syntax.


You know, strangely, I thought I saw this shortly after upgrading. But when I opened it again a day later, it was back to the old darker tones.
I thought I’m hallucinating.


I don’t think it was post-1.0, but this version of One X Syntax was released for a day or two. Then people complained that the contrast was too high and was burning out peoples retinas … or something. So @simurai put it back but kept the high-contrast version on an experimental branch. The high contrast version looks better for screenshots since … yadda yadda designer-speak that I’m not qualified to repeat really because I’ll misremember part of it somehow.

The full story is in an Issue on one of the One X Syntax repos, I don’t remember which right now. I’m at work or I’d spelunk for it.

(Personally, I like the high contrast version better … but we’ve already established that I have no design sense, so there’s that.)


Yes I remember that, and I was actually fine with that lighter version as well.
But then after 1.0.0 I could have sworn my syntax was lighter again.

Might have been a deja vu or something.


hmm. so can I download it somehow? :slight_smile:


@ccorcos You could clone the repo: https://github.com/atom/one-dark-syntax/, then switch to the sm-high-contrast branch and apm link it. Not sure if you have to rename it so it doesn’t get confused with the current installed (master) version.

Anyways, the plan is to add a setting in the future so you can switch it without having to do it manually.