What Regex Engine / Support Will ATOM Feature


Atom is based on web technologies I read, This is assuming it uses something like JavaScript/v8 and as we all know, JavaScript has one of the lamest regex engines of the moderns day

Will ATOM regex find be Perl compatable out-of-the-box ?

*Edit, I meant Onigurama regex, I hadn’t relaized this is what ST supported when I posted.


It’s my understanding that Atom uses the Oniguruma regular expression engine. The documentation for the regular expression features it supports is here:


Section A-3 lists features that are not implemented in Oniguruma that exist in Perl. I doubt that complete Perl-regex-compatibility is a goal.


As a complement it’s worth noting that oniguruma regexes aren’t the default in Atom, it still use JS regexes, and you can’t use oniguruma without having set it as a dependency in your package.
It also doesn’t have a literal syntax so don’t expect something like /(?<!foo)/ to works when writing an Atom package, instead you will have to pass strings to the OnigRegExp constructor, so be wary of escaping backslash properly (which can be tricky).
And finally the API is different, much more richer, but different.