What Port Does Atom Package Installer Use?


I’m currently getting an error message when starting Atom for the first time. I know that the application is getting blocked from here at work, I was hoping to learn what port the Package Installer uses before I start asking for access from network security.

The error:


What port does the installer use?

Thanks for your time!


You should be able to use the proxy settings for apm to help out with that.


Looking through WireShark it seems that atom package manager uses ports 49464 and 49465. In case anyone else needs it, the IP address appears to be


That was just what I needed, thank you. Additionally, your contribution to the post below helped fill out my understanding as it applied to my specific situation. I figured I’d add this in case someone else could benefit from it.


I’m working behind a corporate firewall and have tried following the above proxy settings to no avail. I’ve tried to validate against the proxy server at work but continue to get ECONNREFUSED error. If, as @jordwms mentions, apm is using a different IP and port number, then any requests will continue to fail as they aren’t being validated against the proxy in place.

Can anyone clarify this issue for me?