What packages to have for Symfony?


I’m looking for packages to develop on a Symfony application, do you have any packages to advise me? Or advise me to come back to Visual Studio Code which seems more complete?

Thanks :wink:

This page https://symfony.com/doc/current/setup.html
writes …

Optionally, you can also
install Symfony CLI

That binary used through Atom process-palette provides all the initial toolset you need to develop and run your Symfony application locally. You are then simply passing Atom variables - ProjectPath, FilePath - through the CLI.

You can add more bells and whistles (packages) later but I prefer the flexibility of creating my own custom processes through process-palette.

This is irrelevant!

I ask that it package would be interesting to do some programming, write lines of code. The Symfony client, I already have it.

But thanks even though it’s irrelevant.

Are we required to guess what you have already? I repeat, you don’t need any more than process-palette to write code. But go ahead and experiment if you insist on using packages.