What package is responsible for these suggestions?

I want to disable the suggestions appearing in red (with the v). I only want to see the snippets that are in green. How do i find out what package to disable to get rid of the red suggestions?


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I’m just trying to find out what package is responsible for these suggestions so that I can disable that package.

There’s nothing to go off of here, seeing as you haven’t said what packages you’ve got installed in the first place. It’s at least not a core package.

Possibly you have an ide-typescript or ide-javascript or similar package installed.

The language-* packages can provide snippets, which could be the cause of the green entries, but they won’t provide actual code completion like the red entries. That requires a language analysis package like the ide-* ones typically provide.

(also the naming is just convention, there’s nothing enforcing a language-* package only provide snippets and ide-* ones provide language analysis)

Well, that’s partly my question: when there are suggestions being made as I type, is it possible to determine where those suggestions are coming from?

I have a relatively ‘standard’ setup (if there is such a thing). I have atom-ide-javascript (no snippets option) and atom-typescript (snippets disabled) installed. I don’t have ide-typescript installed. I have disabled snippets where I have found them except for the snippets that I actually want.

I just don’t get it. This started happening about 3 days ago but everything was fine before that. I just don’t know what to do :confused: I haven’t installed any packages recently either.

Is it possible to disable all autocomplete suggestions for Javascript files EXCEPT snippet suggestions?

Thanks for the reply.

when there are suggestions being made as I type, is it possible to determine where those suggestions are coming from?

No, there isn’t. This information is not tracked by the package manager, and the snippets manager may track it to support removing snippets of a disabled package, but doesn’t necessarily need to and it’s not part of any public API.

There’s no such thing as a standard setup. Either you’re running in safe mode (all non-core packages disabled, it’s purpose is to identify if a bug is in Atom or a community package), or it’s the wild west as far as debugging problems goes without providing a list of enabled community packages.

Try disabling the packages you mentioned; one of them is the likely cause.

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I disabled atom-ide-javascript and things are back to normal :smile:

Thanks for your help!