What is Use React Editor?


What does the Use React Editor do in practice? All I can find at the moment is Facebook’s React library for building user interfaces in Javascript. When I check this option, nothing seems to change.


Seconding this, what exactly does this do?


The react editor is an experiment we running to see if using react will increase the performance. So far it looks promising.

If you want to help us out, check Use React Editor and open issues labeled with react-editor on atom/atom.


Cool stuff. Performance is certainly the last bit that would keep me away from Atom just now (besides Windows and GNU+Linux builds… which are coming soon anyways).


You can build it on Linux already. I just did it tody and it works. And if you’re on Arch, you can install it from the AUR with, for example, packer: packer -S atom-editor-git I did that just now. I seem to be missing a font but other than that it seems to be working.


You can build for windows, just did it.

(Sorry, the editor won’t let me post this as an actual link. Something about being a new user)

It’s important to note that you need python 2.7.* and you need nodejs 32bit. 64bit or python 3.4 will cause a lot of problems.


Fixed that for you :smile: