What is this vertical line running through my code?


Hi Gang,

Just installed Atom, thanks GitHub. Changed my theme to Starburst and now I have a 1px vertical white line running the height of the text editor. Its very annoying and can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Anyone know what it is and how to remove it?



That is from the wrap guide package. You can disable that package from the Settings View cmd-,


Here are a couple helpful screenshots that show how to resolve the issue:


That doesn’t resolve the issue, just pushes it further to the right. There is now a FAQ on this here:


It is an indicator that , the code you writing is too long , and Time to refactor!
No excuse , 120 char limit that Atom set is already too much. Refactor-Your-Code-Now!

Or you will get eaten by Dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much merlin :relaxed:


I disabled the wrap guide package and the vertical line is gone. Thanks.


I’ve been hating that line for at least a year. Still can’t believe it’s gone… :joy: