What is this separator line in the document view?


Sorry for the short question, but I did search… :smile:

Please see screenshot:


What is this line?

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That is the soft wrap line. See your settings:


Interesting. I see it even though both are disabled/enabled…


It’s the “Preferred line length” you will want to change then. If you’re not using it to wrap text, simply change the value to something large, say 200 or so.


Just disable the Wrap Guide package and it’ll go away. No need to change the preferred line length setting.


I didn’t know that was a package of its own. Whaddayaknow.


You can also set the wrap guide on a language-by-language basis. Here’s an excerpt from my config.cson:

  'columns': [
      'scope': 'source.gfm'
      'column': -1
      'scope': 'text.git-commit'
      'column': 72
      'scope': 'text.haml'
      'column': -1

Anything that isn’t mentioned above has the wrap-guide at the preferred line length. Anything that is mentioned above and uses a non-negative integer as the column value displays the wrap guide after that column. Using a negative integer as the column value turns off the wrap-guide.


Pretty cool. I want word wrap to 75 chars, but the indent guide should be at 80. So I used this:

  columns: [
      { pattern: '.', column: 80 }

And I set the preferred line length to 75. An empty pattern didn’t work, and a pattern of '.*'wasn’t necessary.