What is the proper way to create an atom-text-editor?


Hey guys,

I’m having trouble figuring out how to create an <atom-text-editor> element properly. I’m currently loading the DOM from a template like so:

Template = require './my-template.html'
{registerElement} = require 'elmer'

module.exports =
DebuggerElement = registerElement 'my-element',
  createdCallback: ->


<div class="my-element">
  <atom-text-editor mini>Type things here</atom-text-editor>

But the text editor element is uneditable/unselectable. Are there extra steps to making a working text editor view? I’m having a lot of trouble finding any documentation for doing this in a package.



@Maushundb is correct, this does appear to be a duplicate of the previous topic. Please let us know if you feel this isn’t the case, otherwise continue the conversation on the original topic.

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@leedohm yea, you can close it, but I want to leave one note for anyone that finds this topic since my searches did not yield the linked topic.

It seems in order for atom elements to initiate properly, they have to be added to the DOM via createElement or some other direct method, not a template. So document.createElement('atom-text-editor') and then appending that object should work.

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