What is the point of sending invites to people who don't have Mac's?


Received an invite. Only to find out it’s Mac only :slight_smile: Maybe could have told that in the “request an invite” input box?


Although I understand your point and the invite box should say that currently the beta is Mac only - what’s the point of requesting an invite when you’re not even taking the time to read the FAQ ? https://atom.io/faq


Why would I read a FAQ? GitHub is building a hackable editor that looks nice from the screenshots posted - I had no questions! FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions”. Why would I visit it if I had none :slight_smile:


@jaywink I agree, that is frustrating. I created an issue to update the text on atom.io. Hopefully it will make it clear that the Beta is Mac only.


I was all excited to see this fancy new editor and hop on the bandwagon, I found out it was mac only and was mad for like 2 seconds as I uploaded the atom download to google drive and grabbed my mac book pro. but I would be nice to say upfront


Yeah, this Mac only thing…wasn’t a good first impression. Well, at least you guys plan to support other platforms, I’m disappointed I can’t test anything now, but I’m also excited for the Linux support in the future.