What is the name of this nice looking amber theme

Hello atom users!
I’m new to atom editor and want to instal this amber theme, but I can’t find it enywhere.
Enyone knows its name?

It’s likely just an edited image of Atom One Light (e.g. with a yellow layer multiplied on top), so not available for download

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The screenshot is simply “tinted” using CSS, note the filters used:

Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 20.48.36

With that being said, you can simply switch both, UI and syntax theme, to One Light and add the same filter in your Atom stylesheet.


:root {
  --yellow-overlay: brightness(0.75) contrast(1) sepia(0.7) hue-rotate(-5deg) saturate(3.5);
  --cyan-overlay: brightness(0.7) contrast(1) sepia(1) hue-rotate(115deg) saturate(1.5);

html {
  filter: var(--yellow-overlay);
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This is what I have looking for! Huge thanks :slight_smile:

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