What is the name of this font?


Hello, does anybody know what text font is in this photo??


Look at the slashed 0 and the curly braces type


You can open the inspector and click on <html> in the Elements pane. This will display the font-family in use.


I have the photo from a github page, I can’t do that


If the file is from GitHub, then you can find the identity of the person who posted it by looking at the commit history. You should ask that person what the font is.


I have already done that, thanks for obvious answers Sherlock


The answer is not obvious to everyone, just like it wasn’t obvious to you that random forum users aren’t very good at identifying fonts on sight based on screenshots. If you make a post asking a question, with zero information about steps you have taken to answer the question on your own, we will (rightly) ask you to walk through every step. If you take offense to being asked basic questions, you should provide more information.


Looking for this?

Say sorry to my friend and I will supply you with the font name & download location.


I am sorry @DamnedScholar


Thank you for your co-operation.

The font you are looking for is called “BP Mono”.
Please visit for the download: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/BPmono.

Some trivia - The syntax theme seen above is based on “Dark One” for implemented for C++ coding in a not-Atom editor. The font size is probably 12pt in your example.

Have a good day.


What do you mean by non-Atom editor or based on “One Dark” ? Explain in details please. You can see the error from the clang package and “One Dark” has support for C++ and many other languages
Please make me understand


@danPadric ??


@cata0309 People here are volunteering their time, but have their own lives too.

If someone doesn’t respond, wait patiently for their response. They are not obligated to provide one either. Badgering them is not a polite thing to do.


I understand, I am very intrigued about what he said and I am waiting for him to respond.Please forgive me


I used vsCode with the theme called ‘Atom One Dark Theme’ to create the screen capture, simulating the same view you asked about. These days highlighting in Atom with Atom One theme looks slightly different.

It is a trivial detail. Only applies to the simulated view. It has nothing to do with functionality or anything important.