What is the name of the theme seen on Atom's blog page (2017.09.12)?



Just seen the new package atom-ide with Facebook collaboration and I wonder what is the theme and color name, in the screenshot available here: https://blog.atom.io/2017/09/12/announcing-atom-ide.html

Thank you so much, have a good day!

Atom IDE, preview theme
Is that purple theme on the Atom IDE page real?
Adaptive.Sublime theme
Atom theme name



Yes, but this is the ui not the color theme the light one and pink


okay… you mean you want to identify the theme seen in the picture:
Perhaps someone else will know?

Is that purple theme on the Atom IDE page real?

I don’t believe this is a publicly released theme. It was created specifically for the Atom IDE announcement, and its creator is out of the office for a couple months so I can’t ask him if it’ll be released until he’s back.

EDIT: That said, it looks like the default one-light-ui theme, but with a couple of color variables tweaked to be more purple.

Atom theme name
Purple editor theme as shown in ide.atom.io?
Which theme is this?
Which theme is this?
Que tema esta na propaganda do Atom IDE?

Src for this @Wliu’s anser


Just to be clear (that other picture is all pink for some reason), this is the IDE theme we’re all after :slight_smile:

I found this one in the meantime, it’s sorta close - https://github.com/Pustur/calamity-atom


I like this all pinky theme, if the author could share it I’d be glad :smiley:

What theme used at ide.atom.io?

I made this quick version based on another theme. The colors are more saturated than the screenshot but feel free to fork and edit to your liking:


Complicated! The opensource world is a serious problem! Let’s make a financial kitty to get this theme?


There’s no such theme that I’ve found but one that is similar.

Duotone Dark Space + material ui


That dark theme looks pretty rad!

I can’t wait for a developer to get back from vacation. So here’s a port of it that I made.

Atom IDE Dark Syntax


Pst… report any issues you see with it.


Sorry, the Atom IDE themes shown on the blog and site aren’t “real”. :laughing: They are screenshots of One dark and One light and then adjusted with a color filter in Sketch to match the purple tone of Atom IDE.

Good to see some folks above made it real. :+1: :smile: