What is the little white box with a line with a slash through it?


Usually I can intuit software features after experimenting with them, but the meaning of this thing escapes me. I sometimes see the box popup while moving the cursor around.


Does it happen when you start atom with atom --safe ?


On OS X if you press and hold down the “L” key longer then normal that will popup so you can choose whatever that unicode character is.


You’re running a version of OS X, that, instead of character repetition, has a mobile-phone like popup to enter alternate characters.

That letter, specifically, is basically a polish w.

You can turn on key repeat by running defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false in your terminal


@paradox that seemed to fix it, thanks! Though the explanation is a bit odd to me because

  1. I haven’t seen this little popup in any other app
  2. I was already able to hold a key down and it would repeat in any other app and
  3. the popup menu did not trigger by me holding a key down, it seemed to popup at random.

Maybe something strange with event handling in Atom?