What is the little blob of text under project names?


What is the little blob of text under project names on the left side of the settings window? I can’t see very well and I’ve stared at it and can’t make it out. Is that a 4 pixel font?

Edit: I looked in the HTML (duh). Should I put in a request to enlarge it?


The package author. I think that’s a fair point. Try reading it on a high DPI screen without scaling.


Just add something like this to your stylesheet

.settings-view .config-menu .nav > li > a .package-author {
  font-size: inherit;

I can read the default fine on my Retina display which is scaled to 1920x1200 resolution, but obviously text on my screen is insanely crisp and sexy, so your mileage may vary.


Just add something like this to your stylesheet

Thanks. That’s much better. Still small but I can read it on my crappy inferior display (and with my crappy inferior eyes).


If you want to blow it up even more you can do something like this:

@import "ui-variables";

.settings-view .config-menu .nav > li > a .package-author {
  font-size: @font-size + 3px;

@font-size is defined in ui-variables.less and is used as the base font size for all of the UI in the standard themes.


I think we should keep this thread, it’s useful…

Also, I noticed with a 4K monitor we’ve been playing with at work… cmd + (font enlarge) doesn’t grow everything, I guess by design, most of the time, I think I was able to zoom in on some individual ‘.mini’ panes/views maybe there should be a way to zoom in everything?


Yeah, I would think the common case there is you just want to enlarge the text that’s in an editor.

You mean with just a key rather than editing your stylesheet?


Well, we can make a scale all case, which for the 4K monitors will be step #1. I agree/understand/love that they just do the editor views for now, but yeah, tree view and particularly the status bar were way to small on the 4K, from pretty much any distance.

Custom styles are great for flexibility but I don’t think Atom wants to follow the way vim was going before janus etc. where you have to do so much in order to have a basic working modern editor.


Actually, for that use case I wouldn’t recommend a command at all. Here’s why:

  1. The font size in the default theme is set to 13px, which I agree is too small for such a high resolution display
  2. I press Cmd+Funky (whatever the keyboard combination is) three times to get it up to a reasonable size
  3. I exit Atom
  4. I launch Atom again … and the font size is back to 13px

This is the way that I would expect such a command to behave, because a “Zoom” command is a temporary thing. If a permanent change is desired, then the stylesheet should be changed.


FWIW, as the original complainer, all my font sizes are perfect except for the author in the package list. So I don’t want to change any other sizes.

Why is only the author text so tiny? That can’t be any standard size. It is like 4 or 5 px.


According to Computed Styles on my machine, it is 9px … oh and here’s why:


@font-size divided by 1.5.


@mark_hahn I get what you’re saying and I agree, but I’ve been putting off asking a similar question about the 4K displays.

Also, @leedohm Actually a lot of behavior in various programs remember your zoom level. By a lot I mean Chrome and that’s important enough for me :smile:



It only scales the content, not the actual chrome of the browser itself. Which is exactly what Atom does right now. And it does remember it, because it actually changes your settings.cson.


So just to be clear, I agree with all of the posts above. My question is, what’s the most efficient way to scale up the status bar for instance?

With the 4K monitors this will be a common issue, and I don’t think it should require less/css tweaks. But that of course is just my opinion!