What is the keymap to quit Atom on Windows?


On macOS Command-Q quits Atom. In Windows there is no keymap to quit.

I have tried ‘ctrl-q’: ‘application:quit’ in my keymap.cson but it didn’t work.

What is the correct keymap to quit Atom?


Mind sharing your whole keymap.cson?


What about the system default Alt+F4?


I got it to work finally. I had the setting under ‘editor’ when it should have been under ‘atom-text-editor’.


Using atom-text-editor will make the command only work when a text editor is focused. The selector used on macOS is body. You may want to change it to body so you get the same behavior as macOS :slight_smile:


@Ben3eeE Not sure exactly what you mean by that. Do you mean if a document is open?


Yeah using the atom-text-editor will mean the keybinding only works in an open document… But it seems like this command doesn’t respect the selector so it works from anywhere anyway…


Yeah it’s working fine.