What is the font and syntax theme on the main page?


I was wondering what the font was used in the image at http://atom.io ?
Is it Source Code Pro?
Also, what is the exact syntax theme?
I read this:

However, I was wondering how I would install that particular ‘Experimental’ One Dark syntax theme?
Answers appreciated! :smiley:

Atom looking different than on screenshot

Looks like Menlo font (or Deja Vu) and the built-in One Dark ui/syntax.

That other post is a few months old and in Atom time what was experimental a few months ago is probably stable or otherwise discarded by now.


You might try using the sm-high-contrast branch of the One Dark syntax theme, but it has not been maintained so use at your own risk.


It has been released as a separate theme now: one-dark-vivid-syntax :smile: