What is the difference between "Open Folder" and "Add New Project Folder"?


I’ve determined that “Open Folder” will open a new window, and that “Add New Project Folder” will add a second root to the file tree pane in your current window. Is that the only difference between these features?

The words “Project Folder” sounds like something special compared to the more generic “Folder”.

Issue 1722 seems to be the primary gh issue for the “Open File/Folder in Current Window” feature-request, and it was resolved by PR 3355 to core, but that pull request doesn’t seem to mention a “Project Folder”, so I’m still thinking a project folder is something special.


I always found the term “Project” misleading in this context as well.
As far as I know, it does simply refer to a root folder in your tree view (of which you could even have more than one).
That makes a ‘project’ nothing but a highest-level folder displayed in the tree view, and its content.