What is the default font in Atom?


I really like it and I’m having trouble identifying what it is!

Toggling Smart Quotes

From editor.less: font-family: Inconsolata, Monaco, Consolas, 'Courier New', Courier;


Ah, thanks! Much appreciated.


If you like it (as do I), but think the angled “straight” quotes are a bummer, check out [Inconsolata-dz][1].

Been using that for years.
[1]: http://nodnod.net/2009/feb/12/adding-straight-single-and-double-quotes-inconsola/


I want to write a paper with atom in markdown and export it to pdf. I want the pdf to have the font Times New Roman, 12 p. size. How do I do that?



Has the default font changed in the last 18 months?

I also like the default font, but it does not match any of the fonts in the list earlier in this thread. It is a fixed-width font that closely resembles Monaco, Courier, and Courier New, but has a number of distinct differences from those fonts.

Edit: Just found Inconsolata which is even closer to what I’m seeing, but still not quite the same. It’s slight taller and thicker than Inconsolata. Side-by-side comparison: link



The default font is dependent on which OS you’re using:


Your themes can override the default fonts. Another very popular one is Fira Mono.

Which font is used as default in atom?

Yes! Perfect. That’s what it is. Thank you very much.


where is this editor.less located actually.


There isn’t one anymore. Please see my post above for the current, as of this posting, location.


thank you so much… now I can use this font in my another fovorite code editor called brackets…