What is the current status of autocomplete?

Hey, I’m trying to tutor someone learning Python and related Software Engineering activities. He liked Atom, so I though I would go with that to make it easier. After some problems with atom, initially, I talked him into updating it and it worked better after that. He had several of the most popular Python packages installed. However, I noticed that he has no working autocomplete (triggered by tab, for example: some_object. [TAB] produces nothing). He uses a Mac. I also installed atom on Linux and observed the same behavior. Then I looked up the Flight Manual and in the section on Autocomplete. I seems to be saying that the autocomplete-plus package provides the autocomplete capability. That package is not available on the package repo. I see it is there on GitHub, but I don’t know why, if it is required for autocomplete it would not be on the package repo. What is up with autocomplete?

autocomplete-plus is a core package, meaning that it’s already pre-installed with Atom. As the package only provides a service that other packages can hook into, you will need to install a python-provider for autocomplete, e.g. autocomplete-python.

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Aha, that’s the trick. Thanks!