What is the best environment to work with ESP32 projects: IDE-suggestion for ESP 32?

IDE-suggestion for ESP 32: which ist the best ide of MicroPython - one that supports the ESP32 I’ve been playing with micropython on the esp8266 and esp32 platform and the lack of a decent IDE will be a blocker for a lot of people.

so i look forward to see any tips or suggestions to upload MicroPython code successfully?

what i have used is the following:

  • uPyCraft and
  • Thonny IDE’s to upload the usual two files to various ESP32 boards.

These IDE’s are quite nice and I’d prefer to do all this within the one Visual Code IDE.

any suggestions

on a sidenote: well I don’t know much about platformio at this point
interesting would be: how feasible and managable would it be to include the microPython (or eLua for esp8266’s nodemcu firmware or esp32) in the platformIO?