What is apm and how do i use it(windows 7 32 bit)


i have seen people use cmd to install packages in atom .one said to type apm in the command line and it will guide me through on how to use it i tried it and it says apm is not recognized. please explain


No explanation given on what OS is in use. (o.k. I see now added to your title).
In Ubuntu (Linux) I can type apm --help to see this report …

apm - Atom Package Manager powered by https://atom.io

Usage: apm <command>

where <command> is one of:
    ci, clean, config, dedupe, deinstall, delete, dev, develop, disable, docs,
    enable, erase, featured, home, i, init, install, link, linked, links, list,
    ln, lns, login, ls, open, outdated, prune, publish, rebuild,
    rebuild-module-cache, remove, rm, search, show, star, starred, stars, test,
    uninstall, unlink, unpublish, unstar, update, upgrade, view.

Run `apm help <command>` to see the more details about a specific command.

  --color        Enable colored output                                     [boolean] [default: true]
  -v, --version  Print the apm version
  -h, --help     Print this usage message

  Prefix an option with `no-` to set it to false such as --no-color to disable
  colored output.

For example to list all packages installed I write …

apm list

I leave you to explore the other options such as install, enable. disable …




I have not used Windows 10 (64 bit) for many months although I have it installed in my dual boot. My choice is Ubuntu.

In Ubuntu I use the command which apm to find where apm is located.

Reading here

I guess you would use where instead.

Locate atom and apm binaries. Clearly apm is not being found in your PATH.

You have installed the 32bit version of Atom executable?

Should be easy to track down.


yes i have 32 bit version of atom


Go back to basics and learn how to search for any executable apps (not just apm).


I have not used Windows 7 for years, You might be advised to consider installing Ubuntu which will work alongside Windows on old platforms in dual boot mode. However I digress.

My suggestion …

Locate apm using where command. (corrected from “which” (in Unix) to “where” (in Win) )

C:\> where apm

Add this path to your $PATH.


You need to find the folder where Atom is installed and see if there’s a folder called bin/ that contains four files.

If that folder exists, you need to add it to your PATH. If it doesn’t, you need to create it. Download the four files from my DropBox and make the folder yourself.