What is and how do I use the Command Line. Cannot install a package, because "Git" is not registering


First of all, I need to install the package rhino-python version 0.8.0.
When I try to install, I receive the error message:

Installing “rhino-python@0.8.0” failed. Hide output…
Failed to install rhino-python because Git was not found.

The rhino-python package has module dependencies that cannot be installed without Git.

You need to install Git and add it to your path environment variable in order to install this package.

Run apm -v after installing Git to see what version has been detected.

When I search for “Git” in package installation, I receive a result of many different “git-*****” packages. None are named simply “Git”. Though, I have “Git-Plus” installed.

I have read that a solution may be to run “git-v” in the command line"

  1. What exactly is the command line that I am supposed to run “git-v” in? When I open the “command palette” a text bar appears. Is THIS the command line?
  2. why does typing “git-v” not do anything?
  3. Does this mean “Git” is not installed properly?
  4. Help please.


Could you give the following information?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • What OS and version are you running?

Git is a tool that developers use to manage source code repositories. Atom depends on it for installing packages. Atom doesn’t install Git when Atom installs because most people using Atom already have Git. A “command-line” is a program that allows you to type commands directly to the computer. It is also referred to as a “shell” or “terminal”. I don’t know what git-v is supposed to do for you.

When you answer the above questions, someone here may be able to help you more.