What is a good way to create UI for Atom plugin?


I’m trying to learn how to develop Atom plugins and I have hard time find tutorial or documentation about how to write the UI parent of the plugin.
I see that there was a package call space-pen but it was deprecated.

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There are many ways to create a UI in packages for Atom. We’re in the process of transitioning to Etch, but you can use pretty much any UI framework you wish. You can see simple examples of using Etch in my indentation-indicator and soft-wrap-indicator packages.

Please note: There are no tutorials and very little documentation for Etch at this point. I don’t have an ETA for when we’ll have better documentation. So if documentation and tutorials are a must-have, you may want to look at other frameworks.


Thanks. I’ll try to use Etch and maybe event write the first tutorial for it :slight_smile:


You can always look how other packages add UI elements.