What instance (or class) properties from Atom's API are you using in packages?


Hi package authors!

Currently only methods are documented in the API docs, but I’m going to be working on making sure that public instance / class properties of Atom’s classes are documented in the API docs as well. But, to do it I’m going to need your help – can you point me to properties from Atom’s API that you’re using in packages, that you feel should be public?

(I can’t guarantee that they’ll all be made public, but the ones that make sense to be public will be made public.)

Thanks! :smile:


I frequently use TextEditor::displayBuffer to register a listener to onDidTokenize as this event isn’t exposed on the TextEditor, this is the case in the minimap and in pigments as both packages relies on tokens at some point. In the minimap I’ll also access the display buffer to retrieve the max scroll top value as it’s needed to compute the new scroll top when clicking the minimap.


Don’t know if this is what you meant, but I would like to see the TabBarView and TabView from the tabs package to be public.


I’d like to add the Decoration class, I’m using it the minimap, and was bitten by a small change yesterday. Maybe I should include a copy in the minimap instead, what do you think?


I would like to see all of the tooltip options to be documented. Specially the placement option.