What happened to the decoration-example package?


I can’t find the decoration-example package in the package installer. I searched for “decoration” and “decoration-example”.

Looking at the source, its package.js shows that it’s called “decoration-example”. So I tried installing it with apm decoration-example which also doesn’t work :frowning:


If it’s not published on atom.io (or has been unpublished) you won’t be able to install it, short of creating it yourself with the source and re-publishing it.

If you know the repo, I would open an issue on there, to ask the author why it was taken off from atom.io.


Looking at the repository, it doesn’t appear that it was ever published on https://atom.io. The version number is still 0.0.0:

And there are no tags or releases. It’s just an example … it isn’t meant to be installed as a package. Anyone who wants to try it out can clone it and link it like any other package under development.


My theme appears to have some trouble with decorations. I wanted to install this example to check what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t work). Yet it gives me an error: Cannot find module: atom-space-pen-views
Is there any other way to check decorations? Maybe something like the notifications in dev mode.


Have you tried the sample code in the documentation?