What happened? Double clicking a file opens file in background but the editor not focusing on it


I downloaded and insatlled a new version of Atom to Widows 10 64bit version 1.22.0 x64. I don’t know if this annoying thing is a feature or a bug, but when i double click a file it opens to background but the editor is not focusing to that file.

I don’t know who, why and when this have been implemented but it is totally useless feature.

Is here way to get normal behavior back so when to double click a file, it opens a file? Thank you.


When you’re double-clicking a file, is this inside Atom or in your file manager?


I mean inside Atom. There is a feature where single click opens an preview mode. This was similar. I got this resolved by disabling self installed plugins and then re-enabling them. I have only three self installed plugins.