What flavor and version of Linux or FreeBSD do you use?


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Here’s how this works. Reply to this topic with your flavor of Unix (Arch, CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, etc) and version … iff it is not already in the list. If it is in the list, add a like to the reply by clicking the heart icon.

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Ubuntu deb package
Linux build (screenshot)
Linux build (screenshot)
Linux build (screenshot)
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Great idea!

Fedora Linux 20 64bit


Xubuntu 13.10 x64

Will probably update to 14.04 once it’s out though.


I’m currently running Archlinux on most machines.


I’m runing Ubuntu 13.10 x64


I’m currently running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Which version are you most concerned with Atom running on?


I’m running Debian testing


I’m using LinuxMint 16, but it’s a derivative of Ubuntu 13.10, so we can say it’s mainly the same (up to some degree).


I’m running Elementary OS Luna, Ubuntu based distro.


I’m currently running Ubuntu 13.10


Ubuntu 13.10, will upgrade to 14.04 when released


I’m running Fedora 19 x64


Zorin OS 8 afaik its based on Ubuntu 13.10 or 12 LTS


running xmonad on Ubuntu 13.10


Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 13.10

And I would like to see Atom on those systems, at least a way to “make install” it, so it can be done on any unix based OS



Arch Linux on Intel x86_64. Rolling release, autoupdating, hence my kernel and software version are always the latest provided on official repos.


Arch x86_64 with a few different setups

  • GNOME3 on Intel/Intel /w touchscreen
  • GNOME3/KDE in Virtualbox on my work machine (osx)

Also on RaspberryPi (ARMv6)


ArchLinux x86_64 using AwesomeWM.


FreeBSD 9/10 would be groovy. ARM builds would also be great since that’s be becoming more common these days.