What files are shipped with Atom


I was wondering which files (e.g. config.cson) are in the ~/.atom directory when installing Atom for the first time?


I’m not sure that any are there when Atom is installed. After Atom is run for the first time then I’m pretty certain they are:

  • config.cson
  • init.coffee
  • keymap.cson
  • snippets.cson
  • styles.less


There are none. The folder itself doesn’t even exist.


So these files are created on running Atom for the first time or when a corresponding package is run?


I’m not sure what the difference is? Atom is almost all packages, so if a “Atom” creates it on its first run or “a package that is default installed by Atom” creates it on its first run, what is the real difference?

I guess what I’m trying to find out is, what is your real question? You seem to be trying to get somewhere with this and maybe if you give me a hint I can help you get there faster :grinning:


Besides some internal knowledge about how Atom works, I’m asking because I’m now co-owner of the Sync Settings package, which backs up Atom’s settings, packages and other data to GitHub Gist.

You answered my initial question perfectly, my follow-up question was to know to which package the files depended on. Say if someone didn’t want the snippets file, he/she could just disable the snippets package. But looking at the source of Atom, snippets are completely tangled in Atom too.


Any package can write to that folder. I have several of my packages storing settings there.

BTW, I’m pretty sure the folder is created on the first run. I have experience with this because I use a symlink to the cloud scheme to sync atom on my different machines. There is another thread happening now about this subject.


Why wouldn’t you want to just back up any of the files I listed above if they exist? Does it matter if the user disabled the snippets package if the snippets.cson file exists in the directory? Perhaps they have a snippets-plus package that uses the same file to make things easier?