What does this mean in the status bar?


I see these orange symbols and numbers in the status bar, I’m not sure what it is or how to use it. It might be related to the Linter package, but I don’t see anything about it and how to use it…

Also, some of my files re also in orange. I opened them Ind don’t see any errors; linting them in Sublime Linter also shows no errors. What does this signify?


In the default theme, orange indicates changed, green indicates added and red indicates deleted. The orange +60, -4 that you’re pointing out is part of the Git integration that is showing that 60 lines have been added and 4 lines have been deleted.


Aha. I did not make the connection that this project is using Git which is why I never saw it before. That’s pretty cool.


It is pretty cool. You will also have noticed in the gutter, next to the line numbers, similarly colored decorations showing you git diff information on each changed/added line.

…if you’re in a git-tracked file that is.