What does Safe Mode do?


Atom’s Safe Mode, which can be activated by completely exiting all instances of Atom and launching it again using the command atom --safe from the command line, does the following:

  1. Does not load any packages from ~/.atom/packages or ~/.atom/dev/packages
  2. Does not run your init.coffee
  3. Loads only default-installed themes

The intent of Safe Mode is to determine if a problem is being caused by a community package or is caused by built-in functionality of Atom. Disabling the init script was added because people tend to use the init script as a mini-package of sorts by adding code, commands and other functionality that would normally be in a package.

For more information on Safe Mode, check the information on Safe Mode in the Atom Flight Manual.

If running Atom in Safe Mode does not fix the problem, you may want to try some of the other debugging steps in the Atom Flight Manual.

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