What color in a theme is causing the UI to get pink text?


I am using One Dark with a theme I’m developing, but for some reason the text in the settings dialog and on tabs is pink.

Where is this coming from?

This is .190, Mac.


One Dark uses the background color of the Syntax theme as “main” color. In case the Syntax background color is pure white (#fff), then its main hue is red. And the titles are a very bright version of the main color, thus looking pink.

An option would be that if a Syntax theme uses white, it would use something else… like blue. Or maybe have no saturation and be 100% monochrome?


In isotope I spin pure white backgrounds to blue before the derivative colors are calculated. Light blue usually looks better than pink-ish.



Although this theme’s Bg is #242424


Oh… right. It’s for any greyscale color without saturation. Maybe in that case the whole UI should also be without any saturation. I’ll make an issue and try it out.


Was this ever “fixed”? Seems like I can’t use One Dark at all due to the pink text, on several themes (especially ones with a neutral grey background).

Would be great if the “default” tint could be a neutral gray one. I’ve been using Isotope with much success, but I think One Dark should be made neutral tint unless the syntax has a tint.


My advanced-railscasts-syntax package reproduces this issue reliably, @simurai, if you need a repro :grinning:


As does my (simpler) latest contrib: https://atom.io/themes/gruvbox-mellow


No, not yet. That issue is still open.