What can I do with Atom?


Sorry dumb question here. I am a very new to Atom and also programming. As website says, Atom is a text editor and hacking thing, can I use it with a full Python IDE(and other language) which can also compile my Python project?


At a base level, Atom is a text editor that consists of packages. Atom comes bundled with very primitive packages for basic text editing (e.g. find and replace, minimap, tabs, panes…)

However, for more extensive functionality, community packages are required, which can be searched here: https://atom.io/packages

This is what makes Atom the “hackable” editor, since users can make packages to support the languages/environments that they use.

In answer to your question, I would search for python packages and perhaps look at the script package, which lets you run a wide variety of scripts from Atom.


Thank you. But I found myself on Edit tab>Select Grammar, then I found buncha programming languages on a pop up menu.
Is it works too?
UPDATE: Script makes Atom can run the language.


Grammars are just used for syntax highlighting, if you would like other features from popular IDE’s, you’ll need to get extra packages. An example is this package which adds Python autocompletion to Atom.


Well, I think you don’t need to compile python as it is an interpreted language.

However, if you are running on a MAC or Linux, you are kind of ready to go. If you are using Windows, you’ll have to install a Python interpreter. (“compiler”)

If you are starting in programming, think Atom like a very powerful “notepad.exe”. It’s a tool for writing your code. A text editor.

Then, when you save your file (eg. program.py) you have to “run” (compile/open, it differs from the language you are using) that file.

I use mac so I have program.py in my desktop. I open a terminal and y write:

$ python program.py

And it runs.

If I had windows I think I would open a command window and I’d type something like

c:\python.exe program.py

If you save a HTML file (index.html) you should open it with any browser and so.

I hope this helps


Yea the script package runs your python (if you have it installed).