What can I do to improve my startup time?


My Atom is taking ages to open and I feel it also might be affecting its usage performance.

Can anyone help me find out what’s causing it and if there is any way I can improve its poor performance?

Here is a screenshot of the Timecop package output:

I have some packages installed (I disabled most of them to try to improve it) and several project folders added (I suspect that might be the problem).



Looks like your project load time is 30+ seconds. One thing that I’ve seen cause this is that people open a directory above a bunch of Git repositories. For example, let’s say that you have 30 Git repositories in ~/Source. If you opened ~/Source, you will have worse performance (almost guaranteed) than if you opened all 30 Git repositories in the same window by name. The reason for this is that for performance reasons, Atom doesn’t look for Git repositories except at a “project root”. If it doesn’t know that a directory contains a Git repository … it doesn’t check for Git ignores. If it doesn’t ignore files, then it enumerates everything. This can take quite a while when you have things like node_modules in a project directory.


Yup, opening an upper folder with all my projects instead of cherry picking only the ones I work definitely improved the startup time, though it was not exactly what I wanted. Well, if that’s the only way to go… :frowning: