What are the minimun requirements for Atom Text Editor?


I really enjoy using Atom as my text editor, however, it sometimes freezes and at the end, my machine stops
working and what makes me restart it. Normally, I just run Atom along with Firefox, no other process.

I have heard Atom has some performance issues (in comparison with Sublime Text or even VS Code), so I wonder if I need a more powerful machine.

My system:
OS: Antergos / Arch LInux (64 bits)
KDE Plasma: 5.12.5
Intel Core i3 - 415
4 GB Ram


Does the freezing happen in safe mode? Try atom --safe and see what that’s like.

Safe mode disables all community packages, so it’s a good measure of the minimum requirements to run Atom. That’s not quite true, strictly speaking, because you can still disable core package too. However, it should be a good indicator.

With community packages, the additional performance drain will depend a lot on what they are and what they are doing. For example, linting packages will normally be “heavy”, but snippet providers shouldn’t affect it much at all.


Okay, I will give it try, however, I really wanted to avoid disabling these packages, they are part of why I am using Atom and that means my machine does not meet the minimum requirements to run.

And I still want to know what the minimum is, so I may able to upgrade my machine.


I strongly suspect it’s an issue with RAM shortage. 4 Gbs on development machines is not a whole lot these days. You may be able to avoid the hardware upgrade for a while if you add some swap space, if you don’t have any right now.

As for your question about minimum system requirements — I’m afraid there is no answer that is both simple and useful to you. As you mention, you’d prefer to avoid disabling packages you actively use, so system requirements for Atom itself won’t do you any good, you need SRs for Atom with packages that you need.


I don’t know how long you’ve had your machine or if you would otherwise be in a position where upgrading makes sense, but I also think it’s a RAM issue, and buying 2-4 gigabytes of RAM is pretty cheap these days.