What are the benefits of electron over javafx platform


I am developing a cross platform POS(point of sale) desktop app. It should work offline and when connection is available it will sync with my server. Performance and smoothness is my top concern. Which tech stack should i choose javafx or electron(hybrid app framework using nodejs and html css) with pouchdb if someone can provide pros and cons of both, it would be a great help for me
ps - I am a beginner in desktop app development world and very good in web development


That pretty much answers your question. Electron is web development.


Hey, What are the pros and cons of both these frameworks in terns of performance. Most of my users will be on low end devices


From what I’ve seen, most folks active on the board haven’t admitted to much Java experience in general. Because of this, I’m not sure that people here are going to be able to answer your question. I hope I can be proven wrong though!


I have lot of experience with Java, mostly with Swing on the GUI side, but I played a lot with JavaFX when it was a language…I haven’t used it as a library.
@rakesh, you don’t tell us what is your experience with Java. If it is non-existent, or even just light, you should probably go the other way…
Advantages of Java: it is strongly typed, so you might write a more robust application. Its Jit is good, so it is relatively fast (although it might have a longer starting time). You have lot of libraries at your hands.
Inconveniences: it is still a verbose language (perhaps less with Java 8).
Advantages of Electron (thus Node.js, I suppose): JS dev can be faster (sometime as the expense of safety, less a problem for a single dev than for a big team, though). V8 is fast! GUI and debugging might be more familiar to you. Lot of libraries, too…
I don’t have yet experience with Electron, though.