What are some Atom Editor accessibility packages out there?


What are some good accessibility packages or snippets of code that are out there for Atom Editor that I could implement into my editor to make it a bit easier to use.

I am not blind or anything like that but do have some visual impairments and am looking for tools to help make the editor a bit more user friendly.

I have browsed through most of the packages and installed a few packages here and there to help make it easier to navigate the code but am always on the look out for simple things that will help improve the experience even more.

Also I don’t type very fast due to fine motor skills and have installed some of the auto complete which helps a bit. Are there any interesting packages that helps get the code into the editor faster?



Something that is not strictly an accessability package is hidpi, that increases the UI scaling for High-DPI displays. However you can set the scaling manually to any factor you like, so you could universally scale the UI by eg. 1.5, which might be useful for you.

Also you probably want to take a look at different UI-themes and syntax color themes to get the best contrast or colors for your vision. The theme gallery is useful if you don’t want to click through the text list to see screenshots.

There [quote=“krism, post:1, topic:31439”]
Are there any interesting packages that helps get the code into the editor faster?

There are multiple packages that help with that, depending on your used programming, markup language. For basic autocompletion packages that integrate with the built-in automcomplete-plus, you could browse this list and pick the providers you want.


I just tried enabling the “Large Text” accessibility feature built into my operating system (Fedora, with GNOME Shell), and I noticed that for Atom, only the text in the window title bar got bigger. All other text stayed the same – perhaps because I had already adjusted these in the Atom user stylesheet when I first started using Atom.

Maybe @krism should file a bug report / enhancement request? I think accessibility features should be available by default, without having to install third-party packages. Ctrl + scroll wheel can already be used to increase or decrease the size of the text in the main editor panel; perhaps you should also be able to do that for the tab bar, tree view, command pallet, etc.


Placing a line like this in your init.coffee will zoom all parts of Atom equally: