Well i got stuck all the way long


hello new to atom

well i find it pretty hard to get started with ATOM -

how to set up - with a command line - (such as pycharm has got)


Not sure what you mean. You want a terminal in Atom? Try search for “terminal” in the packages.

In general, if you want help, describe your issues better.


well i would love to be able to have all things up and running that i need for a headstart in Python…

is there a kind of collection of packages that help me in going that way!?

look forward to hear from you


Personally I’m not working on anything with Python, but searching for “python” shows a bunch of packages to make your Atom be tailored for Python:

Have you tried them?


wow _ sounds very very cool - including python indent… that is great! i will give it a try

many thanks


In my opinion, you want to be doing the complete opposite. Installing a bunch of tools that you’re unfamiliar with will just lead to thinking it’s all magic, and not knowing what does what. You may as well stick with PyCharm.

Instead, I’d start with syntax highlighting. Get comfortable with running programs on the command line. Once comfortable with that, look at packages that run the script in Atom. At some point, get an autocomplete package. At another, get a linter.

I’m not saying wait weeks in between; less than 10 minutes is fine. The point is you want to learn each tool and what it does as you get it, not install a pile before starting and have no idea what package might be responsible when something goes wrong (especially the script running package; it’s an extremely good idea to get comfortable running scripts in the command line).