Welcome topic


@moderators You guys should add a welcome topic for people who just got on the forums(or anybody really)! I think that would encourage people to post more.


You mean other than this topic?

If you’re meaning an “Introduce yourself” topic, that kind of thing is generally more useful for smaller communities.


Are you aiming to have something to attract strangers into the community?

I would assume so, as the welcome private message that comes in your post box already helps the newcomer to make a start… if he is patient enough to have his burning question (the reason for him joining) wait a while.

My opinion … I mean no disrespect
I find the x3 pinned messages a distraction; especially when trying to view the discussions page from my phone. There is too much text showing. I would not even mind if I could switch them off when I am logged in.

To the heart of it - I think your idea a good one. But probably some meat-on-the-bones for your idea would be good to have us imagine with you what your vision is.

Greetings from your friend.
- Dan


You can unpin any pinned topic if you are logged in. (I had to open an incognito window to find the welcome topic because it is unpinned when I’m logged in :laughing:)


:slight_smile:That was not covered in the tutorials.Not in the BASIC, not in the ADVANCED.
But then the if you unpin - it is gone forever (to the user)?

Next I am going to look for the π at the bottom of the screen…
Hint: it is a movie reference.


No, it isn’t gone forever. The topic still exists and can be searched for (or you can always log out to see the pinned topics like I did). You can even re-pin it if you decide to (at least until a moderator unpins it).


Okay let me explain some things.

  1. The way it works is you introduce yourself in the topic(sort of welcomes people), people(might) like your post, and you feel welcomed in.
  2. @leedohm Really? For smaller groups? It has that on Codecademy, and it has more users then this.
  3. (optional but CodeCademy did it) Add a badge which when users comment(and introduce themselves), you give them a badge.

Also, is it okay if I post the topic(just need someone to pin it)?

That is most of the stuff I was thinking.

~ @StevenCopeland