Weird window size and offset when Atom starts


When I close Atom and its window is maximized, the non-maximized size of the window is off the screen after the next restart.

Do the following on Windows

  1. maximize the Atom window
  2. close Atom (any method)
  3. restart Atom (starts with maximized window as it should)
  4. click the window restore button (2nd icon/button on the upper right corner)
  5. The Atom window is now slightly too big and shifted a little outside the monitor screen
  6. resize and position the Atom window
  7. close Atom
  8. restart Atom -> window has remembered its size but not the position
  9. reposition and close restart -> everything is fine again

Something crazy seems to happen if Atom is closed with its window maximized.
Tested on windows 7 and 10


There is an open issue for the restored window size being set to maximized after exiting a maximized Atom window. You may want to subscribe there for updates.